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Saturday, February 14th, 2004
7:06 pm
Hey I notice a few new friends here! Welcome, please introduce yourselves if you'd like. I know this community hasn't been that active. I'm a new community moderator so please bear with me. Just start chatting about anime and videogames and things will roll from there!

I'm currently really enjoying Pretear, Inuyasha, and Yu Yu Hakusho respectively. I also love doing tributes to my favorite animes, so I created an icon_diaryto showcase the icons I make. I'm still pretty new at it but if you like them, you can take them as long as you CREDIT ME or Icon_diary for it.

Talk soon!

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Sunday, December 14th, 2003
4:45 pm
Hi! I'm Kate and a really close friend of the moderator and I love video games and anime. I am a shift leader at Game Crazy so I get to sit around and talk, sell, buy and play video games.

1) Whats your favorite videogame? Well, I have tons of favorite games over the many years that I've been playing so it's kinda hard to make a list but I will.

1) Phantasy Star IV (Sega Genesis) - This was the first game that I paid seventy dollars for. I had heard of the series but never really played them. So, I put in and was engrossed in this game. I cried when Alys scarified her life after rescuing Demi. I smiled when Chaz realized his destiny after pulling out the sword and seeing all the heroes who fought the evil before.

2) FF6 (SNES) - I love this game. No words can express how much I worship it. The best final fantasy out there.

3) Shining Force 3 (Scenario 1 for Sega Saturn) - I'm a huge fan of the series but three really brought out what this series was about despite the shitty voice acting.

2) Whats your favorite anime? I'm currently watching Saiyuki, FFU, Hellsing.

3) What are you currently playing/watching? Fatal Frame 2, Final Fantasy X2, Fire Emblem, Shining Soul and Grand theft Auto vice city

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10:22 am
Welcome to Otaku Winds!
Welcome to Otaku Winds, Gamers and Anime Otakus! Those of you joining and will be making your first entries, heres a few small questions you can answer to help us get to know you a little better.

1) Whats your favorite videogame? (If applicable)

2) Whats your favorite anime? (If applicable)

3) What are you currently playing/watching?

And for all of you wondering, I will go ahead and answer my own questions.

1) My favorite videogame is in the Final Fantasy series, focusing on FFX and FFX-2 mainly.

2) My favorite anime is a tie between Fushigi Yuugi and Rurouni Kenshin - even though I have mannnny favorite animes (You can't just love one <3<3)

3) Currently I am playing The Sims Bustin' Out for GBA, and FFX-2 for PS2 obviously. (Playing both without strategy guides ::Whine::)

Okay now I am curious about YOU! So join up and join the conversation ^.^

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